Hey, A Little Help Here…

Greetings intrepid music fans!  We just wanted to take a moment and let you know about a very special Fund Raiser we will be participating in.  See the poster below for details.

Our sound man (Tim) is married to a wonderful gal (Carol), who needs to have a liver transplant.  STRANGERS AND LIARS will be performing at the Fund Raiser (Saturday, August 8, 2-7PM) – BUT…

We are also selling raffle tickets before the event.   The tickets are just $10 each, the winning ticket receives a $1000.00 VISA CARD; YEAH!!  

That ticket also gets you into the event for free… Double YEAH!

If a STRANGER or LIAR accosts you, asking that you donate $10 for this worthy cause, please consider donating, thank you!  The full details regarding the fund raiser can be found here (click me!).  Please take a little time to read over the web page.   Thank you so much!!  ~SnL

Click here for the event poster in PDF format. —->  Schrum_Carol_-_Fundraiser_5

Scanbenifit flyer try#20

March, Now With Added Warmth

Don’t know about you, but our little band of miscreants had all but given up on being non-cold.  We’ve had some pretty chilly rehearsals I assure you, but rehearse we have!  Enjoy the harbingers of spring, and don’t forget to set your clock an hour ahead tonight.

Hey!  That puts us one hour closer to entertaining you at our next gig!  The glass IS half full! See you soon…  ~SnL~