Above The Fray

Recording, July 2014

Recording, July 2014

Our schedule continues to ebb and flow beneath our feet but rest assured, we are creating new music and making it available to you; both live, and in a recorded medium. Here we see Justin and Tommy guiding us through a studio take. Consider this photo a virtual hug from your favorite local band, as we diligently work on audio project 3. ~SnL~

Be Independent With Us This Friday!

SnL_crookedI_Feb2013Wow, it’s hard to believe it’s already been 238 years since we told the king to keep his tea, we’re drinkin’ coffee now! Pbbbbhhhht!

To celebrate, we’ll be playing a fantastic show Friday night JULY 4th, opening for the manic gypsy rock-a-teers POTWHOLE. Strangers And Liars go on around 10PM at the OASIS PUB. It’s going to be a rowdy rock fest of original rock and roll, just the way our forefathers intended: Original Electrified Music In The American Tradition.  Boom!!  (OOooooo…..  Aaaahhhhh…)