The Past Is Gone – MEET THE FUTURE!

We will be playing at the Crossroads in Edinboro this Saturday, October 8 — 9pm to 12 midnight.  You really should come out and hear the new songs.  And the old ones.

We recently appeared on the Fazed Cookies show – WERG 90.5FM.  Here is a video for you as we prepared to rock the radio audience.  It’s mostly us making faces, but anyway…

Wednesday Night Radio

Sophomore Studio Cuts 2013

Sophomore Studio Cuts 2013

SnL will be playing live in the radio studio this Wednesday, October 29. You don’t even need a radio! Just swing on over via the internet – we’ll have some new songs ready for your awaiting ears.  Fazed Cookies show starts at 9PM, we’re on around 9:30PM – check it out!  Local FM 90.5, WERG.

Time To Chill, Studio Style!

When the weather turns cooler, the guys in the band set their sites on studio work. Yep, we will be back in the studio soon, concocting more mischief and music for your aural benefit.  It’s how we roll.  Be sure to ‘like’ us on Facebook to be made instantly aware at any given moment of where we are in the process.  Knowledge is power – be powerful.  ~SnL~

Recording Studio, 2013

Recording Studio, 2013

SnL, Back On The Chess Board – The Kings Rook

THE KING'S ROOK, ERIE PA, 2013 Get us to The King's Rook Club, stat!

THE KING’S ROOK, ERIE PA, 2013 Get us to The King’s Rook Club, stat!

This Friday we return to The Kings Rook in Erie PA!  Music starts at 10(ish)… We have some new songs for you, c’mon out!

We are also offering a sale of our music online right now – you can get FIVE SEAT CONCERT HALL and LIVE THAT WAY for just a buck each!

 Grab your cheapy music now, sale ends on September 12.SnL on stage kings rook